Marriage Celebrant - Gympie  Rainbow Beach Sunshine Coast & Noosa

Virginia Juster

marriage celebrant gympie and rainbow beach
marriage celebrant gympie
wedding celebrant gympie

Looking for a marriage celebrant for your Gympie  Rainbow Beach  Sunshine Coast or Noosa  wedding who makes the process of getting married simple, easy and stress free?  Hello and welcome to my website.

My goal is to do just that and to be the wedding celebrant who gives you the marriage ceremony of your dreams.

marriage celebrant gympie
marriage celebrant gympie

As a marriage celebrant for Gympie, Rainbow Beach, The Sunshine Coast and Noosa, I conduct all types of weddings in all kinds of settings. From beach weddings at beautiful Rainbow Beach, all along the Sunshine Coast and glorious Noosa to garden weddings or country weddings in the idyllic rural areas in and around Gympie and marriage ceremonies in parks, homes and chapels; large and small, formal and informal, elegant or casual, your wedding is unique and as a wedding celebrant, I know how special it is to you.

It is special to me, too. So this marriage celebrant attends one wedding on your special day - yours!

So you can relax. Your wedding celebrant won't be rushing off to another ceremony.

I take pride in my role as a marriage celebrant servicing the beautiful Gympie, Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions and in creating the perfect marriage ceremony for every unique couple; one that is heartfelt and reflects their individuality. Your wedding is an experience you will always remember and cherish and your marriage celebrant is an important part of those precious memories. I'm ready to help you plan the perfect marriage ceremony as your marriage celebrant for your Gympie, Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast or Noosa wedding.

Or perhaps you want to renew your marriage vows or you may want to celebrate your relationship with a commitment ceremony. A beautiful celebration of your special event is my goal.

And I make the completion of your documents and choice of ceremony easy. Here's how.
wedding celebrant
  • I provide the Notice of Intended Marriage form and we complete it together.

  • My booklet of sample ceremonies and readings will give you lots of great ideas.
  • As an experienced wedding celebrant, my article " Writing Your Own Marriage Vows" will inspire you to personalize your vows; adding to the legally required vows.

  • I offer you complete freedom in creating your marriage ceremony. For example:-

  •  You can choose to have a fully original and personalized ceremony that I will write for you from your ideas about your relationship and the things that are important to you. Or...

  1. Choose your perfect marriage ceremony from the ceremonies in my booklet. Great if you want "super simple". Or...

  2.  Select parts you like from the marriage ceremonies in the booklet and combine them with your own ideas. Easy!

  3.  Include other people in your ceremony with readings or other symbolic "mini ceremonies" such as a sand blending

         or a candle lighting.  The choice is yours. As your marriage celebrant, I'll guide you every step of the way!

marriage celebrant gympie
"We found Virginia Juster to be a passionate and caring wedding celebrant. She helped us along our journey the moment we first contacted her and asked for her to be our wedding celebrant. She is very professional and makes the process easy and enjoyable. We would highly recommend her as a wedding celebrant." Melinda and Nathan