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 Frequently asked questions to your Gympie, Rainbow Beach,  Sunshine Coast & Noosa wedding celebrant-Virginia Juster

What documents do we need to show you?

You must prove your date and place of birth and identity. An original birth certificate or an official extract of an entry in an official register showing the date and place of birth  or current passport are required as proof. A photographic identification card such as your driver's licence is needed if presenting documents without any photographic identification.

If born overseas, and the passport is not Australian, the passport or birth certificate must be in a language understood by the celebrant . If the celebrant cannot read and understand the document, it will need to be translated by an Australian nationally credited translator.

If either party has been married before, proof of how the last marriage ended is required. This means producing a Certificate of Divorce or Divorce Order or Decree Nisi ( depending on the year the divorce was granted) or a death certificate. All documents must be originals. Your celebrant can't accept photocopies.

How many times do we need to meet with you?

Twice; once to lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage which I supply and complete with you at least one month before the marriage and to receive my resources ( or  you can print the form on line here have it witnessed by authorised witnesses and post/send it to me so it arrives at least one month before the ceremony). I can send my resources to you. Discuss your situation with me.

The second time is to sign a legal declaration stating there is no legal impediment to your marriage or reason why you can not marry each other. We go through your ceremony together then too. I will explain the details at our first meeting.

Can we email our documents to you ?

Yes you can, but your celebrant must see the original documents before any marriage ceremony can legally take place.

On which side of the person giving her away does the bride walk down the aisle?

Traditionally she walks on the left side. But, it's your day, do it your way!

How many people do I have to have at my wedding?

The minimum is five. You and your fiancé, two witnesses over eighteen and the celebrant.

Can I have a surprise wedding?

Your wedding can be a surprise for your guests but not for the bride or groom. Both must complete and sign the Notice of Intended Marriage  before the wedding. This needs to be lodged with your celebrant at least one month before the wedding day. A  Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage is signed closer to the wedding date so a surprise wedding for the bride or groom is not likely.

Are there restrictions on when and where I can marry in Australia?

No. You can marry on any day, at any time and any place. Remember that ceremonies on aircraft and ships present issues that you will need to research regarding Australian territorial space.

What is marriageable age in Australia? 18

What is included in your fee?

Everything! There are no extra fees.

  • Supply and assistance with completing the Notice of Intended Marriage.

  • All legal requirements

  • Booklet of sample ceremonies and readings

  • Article "Writing your own vows".

  • Creation of your perfect ceremony according to your wishes.

  • All correspondence, help and advice

  • Travel to and from the ceremony in the Gympie, Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast & Hinterland and Noosa areas.

  • Meet and greet with your guests prior to the ceremony

  • Professional delivery of your marriage ceremony

  • Professional PA system

  • Souvenir copy of your ceremony

What are the legal parts of the marriage ceremony?

There are two parts; the exchange of the legally required vows ( you can add your own personal vows too) and the Celebrant's Authority or Monitum. The celebrant states that they are authorised to marry you, reminds you that marriage is a binding relationship and gives a definition of marriage in Australia.
Can I use the marriage certificate I receive at the ceremony for legal purposes?

In most cases you will need to produce a registered copy of your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages which you can apply for after your marriage. Find out how here.

Do we invite the marriage celebrant to the reception?

This is not usual practice but I have been invited several times and it is such an honour. I don't attend as I believe your day is a special occasion for close family and friends.
Do I need to show documents for each previous marriage?

If you have been married before, you have to provide evidence of how the most recent of those marriages ended. A Certificate of Divorce or Divorce Order or Decree Nisi (depending on when the divorce was granted) in the case of a divorce or a death certificate.

What documents do we sign at the wedding?

You will sign your Certificate of Marriage which you keep, the Official Certificate of Marriage form (which is sent to Births Deaths and Marriages along with your Notice of Intended Marriage) and the celebrant's Marriage Register.